10 World’s Weirdest Hotels


If you’re tired of staying in luxury hotels, or find them too plain for your taste, you will want to try something unique every time you go out on a vacation. Or maybe if you get to know some interesting hotels, you’ll plan your trip accordingly? We give you a list of hotels you’ll love, if you have an adventurous and open soul.

1. Dog Bark Park Inn


I you are a dog lover, you’re going to fall in love with this place! This hotel is located in Cottonwood, Idaho, and is actually in the shape of a dog. The rooms can contain four people; has a full bath, a microwave, air conditioner, books, games, puzzles, but no TV or a telephone. The owners believe that you feel the rural atmosphere more vividly if you keep away from the external influences. The creators of this hotel were inspired by their love for animals, dogs in particular. They decided to shape the building of the hotel in the shape of a beagle to attract tourists and guests. So this hotel allows pets, naturally and also serves dog food. Finally a place where you can take your tail-wagging pet along!

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