10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fifty Shades Of Grey


We have a lot of authors that deliver modern fiction in an irreplaceable way to us. A lot of people look forward to reading their books and eventually these become the best sellers. Among those was E. L. James, who is the author of the self-published book that turned into a global sensation. We’re talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. You might think you know everything there is to know about this erotic novel, but wait until you read these 10 jaw dropping facts about Fifty Shades of Grey.

1. Ana Rehashes A Phrase Over 52 Times In Just The first Book.


The author had her own linguistic crutches which made the main author almost unreadable. During the first book, the character, Anna, speaks about her inner goddess fifty two times, to be precise. Let’s just say, if you did a set of some exercises every time she spoke that phrase during the book, you’ll lose a lot of weight and you’d thank her too.

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